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Train Like an Athlete: Accelerate Performance, Achieve Function and Fitness through Intensive Therapy

SKY Pediatric's intensive therapy program is based on the European approach, which includes specific treatment techniques involving the Therasuit™ and Universal Exercise Unit (UEU). Our experienced therapists combine their knowledge and expertise in many treatment techniques (NDT, SI, MFR, E-stim) with the Therasuit™ method to complement all aspects of the program.

A varitey of diagnosis can benefit from intensive therapy including:
  • Cerebral palsy (ataxia, athetosis, dystonia, hypotonia)
  • Developmental delays
  • Genetic disorders (that include sensory motor impairments)
  • Post stroke (CVA) impairment
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Autism and other sensory processing disorders
  • Post orthopedic surgery
The program includes:
  • 3-4 hours of therapy per day, 5 days per week, for 3-4 weeks (each daily session = 2½-3½ hours of PT + ½-1 hour of massage therapy)
  • Specific exercises designed to strengthen and stretch muscles, improve speed, form and endurance
  • Application of Therasuit™, use of pulleys and bungees, using the Universal Exercise Unit
  • Program can include OT, music therapy sessions, and electrical stimulation/ biofeedback
  • Repetitive and Progressive training- Successive practice of skills, increasing complexity of exercise
  • Aerobic training

Therasuit™: The Therasuit™ is a soft, dynamic, proprioceptive orthosis that works by placing compression on the body while providing external support. A versatile design of elastic cord placement allows the Therasuit™ to be individualized to each child's needs.

When children receive correct information from their bodies through the positioning provided by the Therasuit™, they can refine old skills and learn new ones. For children with neurological and sensory disorders, this can be a new experience that leads to exciting gains in motor skills, such as sitting without support, or standing independently for the first time.

Benefits of Therasuit™:
  • Aligns the body for correct posture and movement
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved processing of body awareness in space by the vestibular system
  • Provides tactile and proprioceptive stimulation
  • Supports weak muscles
  • Provides resistance for strengthening
  • Facilitates development of gross and fine motor skills

Universal Exercise Unit (UEU): The Universal Exercise Unit (UEU) is a unique piece of equipment designed for versatile applications. Children can use it to perform guided, independent muscle movements with or without resistance, allowing them to stretch and strengthen specific muscles that are often difficult to isolate via other techniques. They can also use the unit with a waist belt and bungees that allow them to perform relatively independent skills and movements while their bodies are supported. This provides the security required to master or refine skills.
For children who need to practice dynamic motor skills, the UEU includes an overhead tracking rail that allows crawling, knee-walking, and upright walking while suspended with straps or elastic cords. Children can also be suspended in the UEU for additional vestibular stimulation and sensory integration.

Benefits of UEU exercises:
  • Increased muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion
  • Improved balance, coordination, and sensory motor integration
  • Promotes dynamic motor skills development
  • Isolates muscles for specific movements to help the brain relearn
  • Refines responses necessary for acquiring new motor skills and promoting independent movement

Please call with questions or to make an appointment: (949) 797-9007

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