1929 Main Street #103 Irvine CA 92614 ph: 949-797-9007 fx: 949-797-9234 email: skypediatric@yahoo.com

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Music Massage Speech


SKY Pediatric Therapy uses a collaborative model with independent contractors that work together for the benefit of the child and his/her family. All services are provided within the SKY Pediatric clinic (unless otherwise arranged).

Speech Therapy  Provided by Aspire TLC. until October 26, 2018 when they move to 16800 Aston, Suite 175, Irvine, CA.
Provide Speech, Language and Oral Motor/Feeding evaluations and treatment, DIR/Floortime, Social Skills Groups, and Therapeutic Tutoring programs.
Browse the website at www.aspiretlc.com or call them at (949) 431-0852. 

Massage Therapy
Provided by :

A board certified neuromuscular massage therapist provides massage therapy tailored to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Provided in-office or in-home.
Contact Victoria at (949) 241-6833 or
Browse the website at: www.firsttouchneuro.com

Music Therapy
Provided by:

Provides individual, group, and co-treatment music therapy services.
Contact Christine at (714) 348- 4248
Browse the website at: www.ocmusictherapy.com

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