1929 Main Street #103 Irvine CA 92614 ph: 949-797-9007 fx: 949-797-9234 email: skypediatric@yahoo.com

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Music Massage Speech


SKY Pediatric Therapy uses a collaborative model with independent contractors that work together for the benefit of the child and his/her family. All services are provided within the SKY Pediatric clinic (unless otherwise arranged).

Speech Therapy  We are currently looking for a speech therapist and/or other medical professional to sublease space from us. We have 4 upstairs rooms available ranging in size from 75 sq feet to 150 sq feet. Contact us at (949) 797-9007 or email skypediatric@yahoo.com for details.

Massage Therapy
Provided by :

A board certified neuromuscular massage therapist provides massage therapy tailored to meet the needs of children with disabilities. Provided in-office or in-home.
Contact Victoria at (949) 241-6833 or
Browse the website at: www.firsttouchneuro.com

Music Therapy
Provided by:

Provides individual, group, and co-treatment music therapy services.
Contact Christine at (714) 348- 4248
Browse the website at: www.ocmusictherapy.com

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